Windows Dedicated Servers vs. Linux Dedicated Servers


When it comes to an affordable web hosting solution, Windows and Linux platforms are pretty popular but it is good to choose one of the platform that suits your needs better. Here are some points that can help you to differentiate between Windows and Linux, and that will surely help you in reaching your requirements.

Linux Hosting
Linux is an open source platform and most of the applications that run Linux, are open sourced. Linux is pretty cost saving so it is beneficial for hosting provider and as well as clients. Linux is pretty scalable and much faster than Windows platform. As because Windows server is offered as an complete package whereas Linux is server is offered as an extendable implementation enabling businesses to improve functionality as and when required. This thing contributes for a miniscule difference in the performance in between Linux and Windows. Actually, both types of servers are giving excellent performance.

Linux does not support lots of the Windows based applications and code languages. This can create a problem if you need to use those applications in your hosting plans.

windows hosting

Windows server is based on Microsoft Windows operating system. As it is compatible with all Microsoft based technologies, it is proved to be the most comprehensive hosting platform which is suitable for all types of businesses. The technology supported by Windows platform includes a number of programming frameworks like, ColdFusion and as well as SQL server.

The only disadvantage of Windows web hosting is their cost, the cost involved in licensing these applications.

You don’t need to think about the cost of licensing Windows applications and setting up the Windows dedicated server if you are not doing it at your own. The web hosting provider bear the setup, license cost and there are also several other costs involved in setting up a hosting server whether it is Windows based or Linux based. In reality, the Windows server is pretty costly but there are still some hosting packages which can happen to be more affordable if compared between Linux and Windows.

If you are planning to create a website by using ASP, NET, MSSQL, Access, FrontPage or any such Microsoft application then Windows dedicated server is what you need. Linux is having limited support to some of these applications, but implementing Windows based applications on Linux may not be a good idea because of the lack of flexibility. Actually, both Linux and Windows based hosting packages are pretty good for businesses. NileWeb may help you to choose best affordable packages under both hosting plans, as it will surely depend on your website requirements.