Google scraps Chrome's RSS extension for GReader


Google’s decision to kill its Google Reader service has caused some collateral damage: the end of a related Chrome extension that let the browser handle RSS feeds.

RSS and the similar Atom technology make it easier for people to subscribe to regular updates published on Web sites, and Google Reader was a popular way for people to read that content. Google announced that it’s scrapping Google Reader on July 1, but it’s already gone ahead and withdrawn the feed-finding Chrome extension.

The extension would detect Web sites’ feeds then let people use a variety of RSS reader services to subscribe to those feeds.

For those who want to replace Chrome’s reader extension, one option that seems to be actively maintained is the RSS Subscription Extension. According to the unofficial Google Operating System blog, it’s based on Google’s own RSS extension for Chrome, and based on my tests works identically so far.

I’m one of the people who bemoans the loss of Google Reader, since I use it daily to scan countless news sites and blogs for the latest updates and think it reduces the friction of information flow around the world.