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Hosted Microsoft Exchange:


Hosted Microsoft Exchange is a enterprise messaging service from Microsoft. It provides the robust capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as a cloud-based service. With Hosted Exchange, NileWeb can deliver sophisticated messaging capabilities without the operational burden that comes from on-premises software. Instead your IT team can focus on business initiatives that can deliver competitive advantages for your organization.

3-Way Access:


Best-in-class desktop functionality


Works with all major browsers


All-in-one messaging including email, voicemail, SMS and more


Business Class Messaging:

Simplified Management:

  • Enterprise-class solution for Email, Calendars, Contacts and more.
  • Access from your PC(offline access via Outlook client), web browser and mobile phone.
  • 2Gb mailbox storage per user. Configurable up to 25Gb per mailbox.
  • Easy provisioning of users without a need to deploy or maintain on-premiseinfrastructure.
  • Access administrative controls from a web-based portal.
  • Eliminate high upfront costs and choose low predictable monthly payments.

Security and Reliability:

Deployment Flexibility:

  • 99.9% scheduled uptime with financial backed Service Level Agreements.
  • Built-in spam/virus protection.
  • Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Coexistence between online and on-premises.
  • Comprehensive data migration tools.
  • Low cost offering for desk less workers.


Low Cost of Deployment:

Low cost deployment leads to good productivity with high performance and Return on Investment.

Rapid Implementation:

In this feature you don’t have to wait for implementation or migration of system for months and year. This feature enable user to use system on very next logon.

Easy Accessibility:

Its three ways accessing through Desktop, Web interface and through mobile. This feature gives subscriber freedom of access to utilize its applications.

High Security Level:

At NileWeb we believe that every customer is special and must get its resiliency by getting highly compliance security to its data. We have special packaged bundle for high security with SSL layers for data encryption.

Mobility & Flexibility:

Mobility & Flexibility feature give excited benefits to subscriber of NileWeb Hosted Application, Here we feel that every ser must get its own pattern and standard to use application

Pay as you go:

Pay as you go model makes it more favorite features for CIO and CEO. It’s give flexibility and freedom to choose by required needs and not by vendor choice

Easier to Manage:

Get the Most Out of Outlook Rapid Implementation

Free up grade:

ree upgrade gives no investment again and again for new releases, just subscribe and use it with new update and release for free