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Software providers have their software solutions traditionally delivered by installing and supporting them on their clients’ internal computers and networks. This can cause additional headache in terms of increased cost when upgrading to a newer software version that has higher systems requirements, simply because you not only pay for the software upgrade, but you have to spend more money on new and faster hardware too. NileWeb’s Cloud Apps follow the principle of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, by providing a computing cloud that automatically adjusts to the computing performance requirements of a specific application. This allows focusing on continuous application upgrades and enhancements without worrying about upgrading the underlying hardware in parallel as well. Our Cloud Apps are powered by an enterprise-class cloud-computing platform, giving you peace-of-mind about the availability, reliability and security of your applications and data. We do also offer PaaS (Platform as a Service), which is aimed at application developers. With our PaaS offering, developers can access infrastructure and tools in the cloud to create, test, deploy and host applications without having to invest in their own infrastructure and development environment.



The Cloud Apps platform is:


Delivering state-of-the-art innovative ideas, collaboration and secure portals for teamwork with partners & suppliers
Open Highly scalable web-services interface delivers rapid integration to external data, systems and devices
Agile Three releases per year, each with seamless upgrades at no additional cost
Secure Highly secure cloud infrastructure that is under SysTrust and SAS70 Type II certification
Scalable Massively scalable, capable of serving over 80.000 subscribers generating over 400.000 transactions daily
Trusted System performance and up-time published in real-time

With NileWeb Cloud Apps you will get:

Location independence

You can access systems using a web browser or VPN access no matter where you are or the device you use (e.g., PC, mobile).
Sharing Of resources and costs across multiple users.
Security Better than under traditional systems.
Metering Usage is measured hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually.